Available Support

Support on Offer

At EACH Recovery Matters, we’re committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for individuals on their recovery journey. Our goal is to ensure that no one faces these challenges alone. Here’s an overview of the support we offer:

Welcoming Drop-In Support (9am to 5pm)

Our doors are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and we extend our support into the evenings and weekends to accommodate diverse schedules. We understand that flexibility is essential, and we operate a drop-in system, eliminating the need for appointments. You can come in, have a hot drink and biscuits, and receive person-centred support.

Addressing Basic Needs

We go beyond offering a hot drink and a friendly atmosphere. We assist individuals in registering with Dental and G.P. practices, support with housing issues, and help them maximise their benefits provision. Ensuring access to food is a priority, and we provide referrals to energy crisis agencies to guarantee heating, cooking, and lighting provisions.

Referals and Encouragement

Once these basic needs are addressed, we encourage individuals to make appointments with NHS addiction services and 3rd sector agencies specialising in recovery support. Your journey to recovery is unique, and we are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Support Groups and Activities

We understand the significance of peer support, and we offer space and resources to various mutual aid groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and SMART Recovery, while signposting to Gamblers Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. Additionally, we facilitate our own recovery groups, including mental health support, mindfulness, fitness, and yoga sessions led by skilled instructors.

We also provide space for outside agencies to meet with individuals, covering a wide range of needs such as DTTO, Housing Support, Advocacy, East Ayrshire Stigma Officer, multiple NHS departments (including Addiction services and the Homelessness nurse), and more.

Tailored Support

We cater to the unique needs of our community. We provide dedicated support for Veterans through Veterans 1st Point, introduced LGBTQ+ recovery support groups, offer a families group for those affected by addiction, and host a bereavement support group facilitated by NODA. We have also lent our assistance to the local Mosque in Kilmarnock to establish a Scottish Muslim Recovery Support group.

Why is there need for EACH Recovery Matters?

East Ayrshire faces the challenge of 30-40 drug-related deaths per year. Our evidence suggests that the most at-risk individuals are long-term pre-contemplative drug users who have become disengaged with traditional support for various reasons. By offering comprehensive support in one location, including fellowship meetings, access to primary care, peer support, and financial assistance, we aim to re-engage these high-risk individuals with structured support.

The statistics of drug-related deaths in 2022 and earlier years can be found here.

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Our Partnerships

At EACH Recovery Matters, we understand that meaningful change and support often require a collaborative effort. We’re proud to work closely with a variety of partners and organisations who share our commitment to making a difference. Here’s an overview of our valued partnerships:

East Ayrshire Recovery Network

We maintain a close collaboration with the East Ayrshire Recovery Network, ensuring that our services complement each other, avoiding overlap of provision, and allowing us to create a seamless support system for those on their recovery journey. You can learn more about the East Ayrshire Recovery Network at www.earecoverynetwork.co.uk.

Housing Options, DWP, Universal Credit, Home Energy Scotland, and Citrus Energy

Our strong partnerships with Housing Options, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Universal Credit, Home Energy Scotland, and Citrus Energy allow us to address essential aspects of recovery. These collaborations provide individuals with a comprehensive support system, covering housing, financial assistance, and energy provision.

We Are With You and Harbour Ayrshire

We work closely with We Are With You and Harbour Ayrshire, two organisations dedicated to providing recovery support and treatment. Our partnerships ensure a seamless transition and a wide range of resources for those seeking recovery.

Recovery Enterprises Scotland

Our partnership with Recovery Enterprises Scotland extends our reach, offering additional support and resources to our community. By working together, we enhance the quality and depth of our services.

Support for Mutual Aid Groups

Mutual aid groups play a crucial role in the recovery journey. We actively support and collaborate with various mutual aid groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Gamblers Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. Our network of employees, who possess both lived experience and professional expertise, ensures a strong bond between these groups and our hub.

Lived Experience and Expertise

All our employees bring lived experience and expertise in the field of recovery. Their unique backgrounds and networks allow us to provide maximum support to individuals approaching the hub for help.

Expanding Resources

Our commitment to growth and progress extends to our intention to expand resources and support. We currently signpost individuals to groups within the area that support those with lived experience of addiction, offer harm reduction information, including support for Blood-Borne Viruses (BBV) and Injection Equipment Provision (IEP) locations. Our staff members, with lived experience, are always ready to provide advice and a supportive ear. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our offerings in this area.

Families Support

We host a family group which is a pillar of our support system. We understand the importance of supporting families affected by addiction. Our staff members have been trained by Scottish Families Affected by Drugs & Alcohol (SFAD), and we have team members with family experience in addiction and recovery. This training allows us to deliver structured groups that address different aspects of the lives of families affected by addiction, ensuring they receive meaningful support. We also direct individuals to family support services with Barnardo’s and We Are With You. Additionally, we provide a dedicated space for SFAD to offer one-to-one support.

At East Ayrshire Recovery Hub, we believe that collaboration and partnerships are essential in creating a robust and comprehensive recovery support network. Together with our partners, we are committed to providing hope, connection, and identity to those on their journey towards recovery.

Satellite Hubs

Doon Valley

The Zone, Dalmellington

The Dalmellington Satellite Hub, hosted by The Zone in Dalmellington, stands as a beacon of hope and recovery in the heart of the community. The Zone is an established Community Group boasting an array of valuable assets, including a food bank, community gardens, work projects, and employability support, to name just a few.

Here in Dalmellington, we’ve created a collaborative atmosphere where our Community Recovery and Engagement Workers (CREW) receive steadfast support from The Zone, the Recovery Network Coordinator, and the EACH Recovery Matters Manager. Together, we’ve played a vital role in nurturing the growth of a dynamic Recovery Community in the area. Join us in Dalmellington as we continue to provide hope, connection, and identity to those in need.


ACDI Recovery

The Auchinleck and Areas Satellite Hub, hosted by ACDi, extends its reach across Auchinleck and the surrounding towns and villages, including Cumnock, New Cumnock, Muirkirk, Catrine, and more. ACDi is an established Community Group in Auchinleck, well-versed in community support and engagement.

At this hub, we offer a wide range of services and resources, including access to gardens, employability support, a safe space for open conversation, benefit assistance, and opportunities through Social Enterprise initiatives, and much more. We’re committed to creating a supportive environment for recovery and growth, embracing the entire community.


The Verve

The Darvel Satellite Hub, known as “The Verve,” is
a community organisation with a focus on well-being and fostering connections within the community. Housed in the old bookies in Darvel, The Verve offers a variety of groups and classes, some designed specifically to support recovery,
and others aimed at general community interest.

Here, we believe in the power of community, and we’re
excited to be part of the fabric of Darvel. As we grow and evolve, we’re dedicated to providing resources and support that promote well-being and facilitate meaningful connections within the community. Join us at The Verve to experience a community-driven approach to well-being and recovery.


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