Our Valued Funders

Empowering Recovery,

One Step at a Time

Since opening our doors in August 2022, the EACH Recovery Matters has made significant strides in a short period of time. Our journey of transformation and support is fueled by the generosity and commitment of our dedicated funders.

We’d like to express our deep gratitude to the following organisations and foundations for their unwavering support:

• National Lottery

• Corra Foundation

• Bank of Scotland

• People Postcode Lottery

• East Ayrshire Council

• Health & Social Care Partnership

• STV Appeal

• ASDA Foundation

• GSK Fund


• Noble Reserve


• Co-op

• Tesco

• Rotary Club

• Ossington Charitable Trust

• Blue Triangle

Your support has been instrumental in our ability to create a vibrant and inclusive Recovery Hub. With your partnership, we’re making a real difference in the lives of individuals on their recovery journey. Your contributions empower us to provide hope, connection, and identity to those in need.

We’re truly thankful for your belief in our mission and your dedication to the betterment of our community. Together, we’re paving the way for transformation and recovery, one step at a time.

Join us in celebrating our funders and their commitment to positive change.


How to Donate

Your generous contribution is a direct investment in the well-being and transformation of our community. To make a donation, simply click the “Donate Here” button below. Every contribution, no matter the size, is deeply appreciated and goes a long way in supporting our mission.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Together, we can provide the support and resources individuals need to embark on their journey to recovery. Your donation is a lifeline for those in need, and it’s a testament to your commitment to the betterment of our community.

Our Journeys

Your Journey Starts Here

These stories are just a glimpse into the transformative journeys that have unfolded within the walls of the EACH Recovery Matters. Each person who walks through our doors is on a unique path, and our mission is to provide the support, resources, and community they need to navigate their journey to recovery.

If you’re seeking a place of understanding, connection, and healing, EACH Recovery Matters is here for you. Your journey can start today, and we’re ready to walk beside you every step of the way.

“Recovery is a journey, and every step forward is a victory. At EACH Recovery Matters, we believe in the power of every individual to transform their life and create a story of hope and resilience.”


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